Voice of chairman

Time flies like an arrow and years elapse like a shuttle. MAPUNI has passed morethan ten years along the road of space information technology industry. In these years, it always deemed it its duty to improve the environment by integrating information technologies and change our life through using space information. By virtue of the spirit of innovation, unremitting efforts, MAPUNI accomplished nowadays industrial status and reputation. By overcoming ourselves and pursuing excellence, the company has laid a solid foundation in technology, management, innovation, practice and so on. As a result, a series of products with MAPUNI’s characteristics were formed. At present, In the field of space information technology services, as the leading enterprise of China environmental information construction, MAPUNI has been over of the leaders in Chinese space data application and environment protection information industry. Mastering the informationization is to grasp the future. MAPUNI always abide by the core service tent "Pay attention to the important points, grasp opportunities before change ". Accelerate the reform and innovation of enterprises, improve enterprise management level, actively expand business areas, have an effort on five industrial groups of "Smart Map, Smart Environmental Protection, Smart Water Conservancy, Public Services, Environmental Governance," research institutes of environmental resources, research and marketing of big map reseach institute. Around this goal, MAPUNI will constantly strive and make our own contribution to "Beautiful China, Ecological Environmental Protection" The road looks like iron, and it is the same as iron, we still need to go through the road. MAPUNI is constant deep of reforms in all fields with science, bring all colleagues to realize maximum benefit of company, and will satisfy clients' requirements. We will offer high quality products and services as our responsibility, and based on good faith, pragmatic, innovation, win-win to work for MAPUNI’S dream, create MAPUNI’s brilliant future.