UniGlobe 3D space-time simulation

3D UniGlobe time and space simulation platform is a Self-developed by MAPUNI with independent intellectual property right 3D GIS software,Which can supports the B/S and C/S system frame,Combing Time,Space And Virtual Technology Together,with Serve Model Realtimer Display','Event Simulation' , 'Multidimensional Space Analysis' technology etc,even to realize THe 'Things Of Internet---the Front-end Perception, Application Analysis,Managing Simulation,Multidimensional GIS Spatial Analysis' etc All In One Visualization GIS Application Model.

Six characteristscs of platform

Multidimensional unity Multi-source linkage Virtual 3D entity modeling
Static and dynamic combination Cloud service mode 3D perception and dynamic management

Typical cases

1、 Uniglobe application in smart Environmental Protection

2、 Uniglobe application in Smart City

3、 Uniglobe application in Smart Conservancy

4、Uniglobe application in Smart Oil Field

5、Uniglobe application in other industries

1)、Disaster prevention and eEmergency handling National Defense University PLA China(NDUPRC)'Lancing into Wenchuan'equipment Teaching Application on System China soft(CS)National Emergency handling simulation exercise system The State Administration of Work Safety(SAWS)emergency simulation exercise sustem platform

2)、Military simulation

3)、Cultural heritage preservation

4)、Security camera based on Internet of things