UAV product service

In recent years, with the development of the UAV aerial platform, aerial drones are able to provide high-resolution mapping images at lower cost, aerial image is increasingly to be widely used. MAPUNI can provide government and enterprise users airborne remote sensing data collecting, processing etc. services, to generate 1:500-1:2000 scale digital maps and three-dimensional digital maps.

1、Fixed wing UAV aerial photography

A new Technology of using unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with special, after adjustment compact digital aerial camera to operate automatic aerial photogram metry at low altitude. Compared to conventional photogrammetry, UAV aerial photo graphy has advantages of low cost, high degree of automation, hign mobility, good timeliness, simple operating conditions and more, is a dynamic complement to satellite remote sensing and aerial remote sensing of manned aircraft, main used for small-scale and large-scale aerial images renewal in the designated area.

UAV model:Uni-eagle 3

Product advantages:aerial surveying UAV is a conventional aerodynamic air craft with characteristics of steady flight attitude, high efficiency, suitable for Ortho-images collection.

Unmanned helicopter aerial photogrammetry

Compared to Fixed wing UAV, Unmanned helicopter has advantages of more stable condition, hovering and multi-angle shooting ability, is widely used in industries such as powerline selection, highway selection, railways selection, topographical surveying, urban security, aerial forest protection, emergency.

UAV model:Uni-Eagle Z11

Product advantages:Electric unmanned helicopter, which has features of small vibration and low noise, can acquire high resolution and steady video images, simultaneously fulfill data transmission, suitable for aerial photogrammetry, monitoring, investigation etc.,

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