Weibao Product
Indoor air-purifier
Product nameLieniu KJF-365WLinternet of things air-purifier
Rated voltage220v-50hz
Power consumption45W
Fan Speeds4
Air inteke/hour135~300m3/h
Noise Level30~52.8db
Proper Room size30~50m2

Low-noise motor High frequency and low-noise of vertex style

Precise componerts perfedly assembled to reduce friction noise

Eliminating noise design
imitated from submarine

Efficient motor Cover with ABS engineering plastic damper to seal the noise inside as submarine tile
High efficient turbine fan designed through air fluids.beveled 36 blades intake airflow at the best efficiency with lowest noise.Compared to traditional large blade fan.energy saving efficiency exceeds more than 30%
Shock absorption points steadied by natural rubber damper holder upside and down to reduce most vibrating noise